F.I.T. Leasing has financed all types of equipment for thousands of customers in dozens of different industries.

  • New & Used Equipment
  • Transactions of $2,000 to $1 million plus
  • Lessees from start-up & small businesses to major publicly traded companies
Equipment Leasing

Why businesses lease equipment:

  • Leasing provides 100% financing so that the amount of upfront cash needed is minimal.
  • Lease rates are fixed and are unaffected by changes in interest rates and the stock market.
  • Fixed monthly payments allows for improved budgeting and forecasting.
  • Purchasing equipment with leasing frees up bank lines, credit lines, and other sources of funds for uses such as working capital, expansion, emergencies, and other non-equipment costs.
  • Leasing has the ability to provide tax benefits depending on your company and the type of lease you chose.¬†Consult you accountant or tax professional to learn all of the tax advantages that a lease may provide.
  • An equipment lease is one of the easiest method of borrowing money, often saving you days and weeks of effort and aggravation.

We help you purchase the equipment that makes YOU money!

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